Our factory is located in Greenwich, a stone’s throw from our Showroom. Unlike our competitors, we champion British industry and will never outsource manufacture. That’s why we have and will continue to invest in our factory – and in the livelihoods and careers of our UK team.

Our reputation for impeccable quality is testament to the skill of our master craftsmen. It takes great experience and expertise to process a piece of valuable stone from its raw form into a perfectly finished product. While the latest technology plays an important role in this process, the artistry and finesse of our manufacturing team is key. That’s why we have a policy of regular training, and why we run apprenticeship schemes throughout the year. This commitment contributes to a continually-improving workforce that can pass on these hard-won skills and knowledge to future generations.

You can visit our factory and see our master craftsmen at work. To arrange a private and free consultation, and a tour of the manufacturing site, click here.